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New Year, Same Goals

I don’t want to start the New Year with a moan but it seems that despite efforts from both the government and individual organisations we are still not really listening to the warnings about the obesity epidemic. I get the feeling that we have been banging on about the issue for so long now we have all started to become a bit complacent. I hear people saying all the time “what are the government doing?”what is the food industry doing’ what are the advertising watch dog doing?’ “what is the NHS doing?” It seems we are always looking for someone else to sort out our problems. The question I want to ask is “what are you doing?”


Of course we need to do this together, we need safer cycle paths, less food advertising, more legislation, perhaps taxing high sugar foods and drink, more services, improved education, but, we must all start taking a bit more responsibility for what we are able to do ourselves. Start by  saying NO to unhealthy food and drink, start cooking from scratch, stop buying processed foods, start including more physical activity in your daily routine. Our children learn from the examples we set so lets try and make 2018 the year we start to see some reductions in our obesity levels.





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