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Top ten reasons people give for not losing weight

Before you can start losing weight and changing your behaviour, it is important to be honest with yourself about the real reason you are overweight or obese. It is so easy to blame your weight gain on other causes therefore remove yourself from having any control over the situation.


These are the top ten reasons people give for their weight gain, and until they begin to believe anything different nothing will change.


  1. Big bones - there is around 5lbs difference between male and female skeletons and therefore bones will only make a difference of 5-6lbs at the very most.

  2. Thyroid problems - If you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid) then your GP should start you on thyroxin. This will then render your thyroid normal. There is some evidence to show that those on thyroxin might gain around 3.5kg (7lbs) but this is not in itself likely to cause obesity.

  3. It’s my genes - Genetic makeup equates to around 3kg (6.6lbs) weight gain over and above those who do not have that particular obesity gene again this does not lead to obesity.

  4. It’s in the family we’re all big – This may well be the case but the likelihood is that you are all used to a similar poor diet.

  5. It’s not for what I eat – It may not be just for what you eat as drinks are also laden with calories, however we can only get energy from calories and if we do no eat or drink high calorie items then we will lose weight. We cannot gain fat if we do not eat or drink the calories, its impossible.

  6. I never stop  - People often think they burn up more energy than they actually are. Exercise is very important to our physical wellbeing but low levels of exercise will not have much impact on our weight. The chances are you are eating a lot more than you think. Do you forget to count those pack of sweets you munched your way through, or the biscuit you had with you drink, or that small slice of cake you had for that birthday celebration at work, a handful of nuts you picked up without thinking, the few morsels of food finished off your child’s plate. Remember we can only gain fat if we take in the calories.

  7. I can’t exercise – everyone can exercise even sitting down, moving something, wiggling our arms and legs, just doing daily chores is all exercise. People think of exercise as going to the gym, running, taking part in some sports activity, which is great but not necessary to get some exercise. Mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, walking to the shops all adds up to our daily exercise requirements.

  8. Don’t have time to cook properly – people often blame the fact that they do not have time to cook properly but many meals take around the same time as microwaving or cooking a ready meal. We just need to be more organised, make sure we have the food in and know what they are going to cook. It is a good idea to think about what meals you are going to cook each week so that you can ensure you have the ingredients to cook them.

  9. I can’t stick to diets – no one can stick to a diet forever and this is not the answer anyway. It is much better to change your poor eating and drinking behaviours a step at a time so it becomes the norm. This does not mean giving up all the things you love but reducing how often you have them. You might be surprised how quickly you start enjoying new healthy foods and more importantly the less you eat processed foods the less appealing they become.

  10. I’ve always been big – this is not an excuse in itself it is time you took control of your life and made changes to your lifestyle.


It's all too easy to use excuses. We all do it. However, nothing will change unless you do, so take charge of your health and weight and shake things up! Remember, you are not alone and we are here to help! If you need advice or would like to discuss a specific problem or concern you can contact us or leave a comment, and one of our health experts will be able to assist.


You can also head on over to our forum and check in with likeminded folks to see how they managed to take action. 


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